Social Media Marketing Tips for the Introvert

If you’re a natural introvert, there’s no reason at all to shy away from social media. Don’t let the word ‘social’ throw you. Social media sites offer a great platform for introverts to be social on their own terms. You get to interact with other, but keep control at the same time. Many introverts get in touch with their extrovert side online.

Don’t Be a Hermit

If you’re using social media for your marketing, consistency is important. But if you’re a true introvert, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole world of people out there. All marketers need to schedule regular social media time and this is especially important for introverts. Check in to your social media account at least twice a day to see what’s going on and interact with your friends and followers.

Personal vs. Professional

For introverts who are uncomfortable with sharing a great deal publicly, it helps to keep personal and professional life separated. This is actually a good idea for all marketers. Only reveal to your fans what you want them to know or what’s relevant to your marketing (for example, your experience in your niche, etc.). While it helps to show a little of your personal side in order to connect with others online, you can keep it to a minimum. How personal you need to get will also depend on the nature of your market and niche.

Ease into It

If the idea of interacting with people online is frightening to you, dip your toes in first rather than diving in head first. Like all uncomfortable tasks, it takes practice to get good at socializing online. Practice commenting, asking questions, engaging in conversation, and so on. Set a goal for yourself to do X number of interactions each day. The more you socialize online on a regular schedule, the easier it will get.

Find Your People

Join groups that you’re interested in and that are relevant to your niche. When you do this, you’ll find that there are others online with similar interests and you’ll make connections with them. This makes it easier to relate to your audience. You’ll also build important business relationships in a relaxed and casual way.

Coming out of Your Shell

Interactions on social media often don’t feel ‘real.’ Even though you’re interacting with people, the face-to-face element isn’t there. Sometimes what helps introverts come out of their shell is to connect with social media friends and followers outside of the social media site. Meet with them in person or even talk to them on chat or Skype. Then, when you “see” them online, you’ll find it easier to engage in conversation.

If you’re still wary of getting involved in social media, here’s a good confidence-booster. Whatever you’re doing on the site, make sure that you’re adding value. If you don’t feel that you’re adding enough value, find a way to give more. Be overly generous and you’ll find it easy to make friends and gain followers.

Ahh, The Scents and Sights of Fall

With the Fall season upon us, what a perfect time to look over our marketing plans before the start of the New Year!

Marketing, as we all know, is vital to any business whether it’s e-commerce, brick and mortar, or internet-service based.  And as I learned very recently in a seminar hosted by  that it is just as important to develop a marketing plan as you would a business plan.

Are you still following your vision plans or is it time for a refresher?  Ultimately,  we all want to:

  • Generate more leads
  • Increase client base
  • Engage user interaction

And in doing so, we will be on our way to meet our marketing goals! Yes?

As for me, I am in the process of updating my marketing plan strategy as we speak.  My goals reflect pretty much the above, in addition to building long-lasting professional relationships and contacts.  With any goal, breaking it down into workable pieces makes the dream come to life.

My social media sites can use a face lift.  Thus my next marketing project for this week.

What are your marketing goals for this Fall?

Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Have you ever thought about starting your own business, but “stuff” just got in your way? I started my business back in 2007 and after a three-year hiatus decided to return.  So I am feeling that “stuff” of feeling overwhelm getting in the way.

So, I am wondering if I still have the entrepreneurial mindset any longer. Then I discovered this information about several ways to tell if you have the entrepreneurial mindset.

Ask yourself if you have something similar to these personality traits:

  • Creative thinking
  • A feeling that there is something more than what you are doing currently
  • Innovative ideas you are eager to carry out into a business venture

If so, then you are on your way to owning your own home-based business having that entrepreneurial spirit, or in my case, regaining it!

How to Clear the Road toward Entrepreneurial Success

Going from the 9:00 to 5:00 grind to the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t the easiest path, but it is something you can achieve. I prefer a different set of home office hours myself. But try considering these steps to take before forging head first into business ownership:

Know your goals – Getting clear on what it is you want to achieve is an integral first step. It is not as simple as coming up with an idea and writing it down. Write down your business goals. Specific goals. Break them down into categories when it comes to starting a new business.

Create a plan – Once you are clear on what is your goal for your new business, you have to create a plan for success. Write down your goals, how you will achieve those goals in smaller steps, and then break that list down even further.

Take action – Action steps need more than just thinking about them. Talk about them. Share them to everyone you can what your action steps are; in this way, you are accountable to them (and yourself) about your word to accomplish these steps.

Delegate – If you are starting a new business of your own, do not be afraid to delegate tasks, even if you do not have a business partner or associates yet. One day delegating will be a task you will have to learn anyhow. Allow family members and friends to help take the load off somewhere else while you learn all you need to know about your new business adventure.

Letting go – Sometimes in order to create something new, we need to let go of something old. In order to clear the path to creating a new business, something else will have to fall by the wayside.  This is an area I still have to work on since I am such a Perfectionist! You may have to let go of a favorite sport or activity for a while, but it is well worth it in the end – or so they say!

Oh and by the way, keeping your day job is important until you are secure financially in your new business endeavor. It may be a difficult road to travel, but having an entrepreneurial mindset is a gift. Once you open it, you will be happy that you did!

Leave a comment about your thoughts and processes you are considering during this journey with me.  You aren’t alone. ~winks~